How to curl your hair with rags

I love curls!!!   And I seriously can't get enough of little girls in curls.  The way their hair bobs when they twirl adorable!  Here is how to curl hair with rags.

First, find an old bed sheet.  Cut it up into strips you can tie around the hair.  My strips were probably about 1 1/2 inches wide and 6 inches long.  I cut about 20 strips.

Then, go and find a super cute model.

Yep, she'll do. :)

Make sure the hair is damp.  Then I like to separate the top layer with an elastic.

Next, grab a section of hair. Take the very end of the hair and wrap it around the middle of a rag strip  couple of times.

Now, roll the hair up to the head.

Tie it up.  One knot will do, you don't need to double knot it.  

Now do that to the whole head.  
(there may have been a little brother who really wanted to be in the picture as well. :))

Side note:  How come kids can pull off anything?  I mean, that kid could go outside with rags in her hair and people would still think she was adorable.  If I go out with rags in my hair I would get some strange looks and possibly some people whispering to their kids to "stay away from the crazy lady."

Sleep on the rag curls.  Which are actually pretty comfortable.  Take them out in the morning.  Run your hand through the hair gently.  And there you go!  That is how to curl  hair with rags!  Now go, curl your hair, your child's hair, even your dog's hair! :)

Clearly someone thinks she's a movie star with all the sunglasses she wears....inside the house because one can never be too careful.