Sweet Red Pepper and Caper Quinoa Salad

It took me a really long time to learn how to say "quinoa."  I spent most of the time saying, "you know, that grain that's like rice...."

It's not even a grain.  It's a seed.  So apparently I didn't even have that part right.

For those interested, Quinoa is pronounce "Keen-Wa."  Sounds like something from Star Wars, in my opinion.

But, moving on....

I love quinoa salads.  Cold quinoa...mmmm.....it's so delicious, and you feel good after eating it because it's so healthy.  And there are so many different ways to make it.  Here is the most common way I make quinoa salad.

I make quinoa in the rice cooker. Once a friend of mine wondered why people owned a rice cooker if you could do the same thing on the stove, and rice is relatively easy to make.  I told her it was for people like me who successfully ruin rice on the stove every SINGLE time.

I also lit two kettles on fire on the stove, but that is a story is for another day.  Clearly I have problems working my stove.

Anyways, making quinoa in the rice cooker is so, so easy.  two cups of water, 1 cup of quinoa, push the cook button and BANG! You've got yourself some perfect quinoa.

After that, I throw it in the fridge and let it get nice and cold.

Then, I add some of my favorite ingredients.

Now not only do you have a delicious recipe for quinoa, but you will be able to pronounce it properly! :)