DIY Christmas Barn Board Sign

I don't know about you, but I often wander through the stores around Christmas time and fall in love with all of the Christmas decor.  Problem is, my budget doesn't leave a lot of room for all the expensive decorations.

I remembered I had a piece of beautiful barn board in my wood stash, and I knew I had the perfect project for it.  Making this JOY sign is pretty simple.

After you find a perfect piece of barnboard, go onto your computer and print out the three big letters: J-O-Y.  I made them fit basically one letter per page, but this really depends on the size of your wood.  Measure your wood and input the measurements into whatever program you are using.  I used the program that came with my Silhouette Cameo.  

Once I printed out the letters, I covered the back of the printouts with chalk.  To transfer the chalk outline of the letters, I place the paper onto the wood chalk-side down, and I trace over the letters with a pen.  When you remove the printout there will be a chalk outline on your wood.  I shared a little more detail of how to do this in this previous post, if you need a better visual.

It's now time to paint your letters!  I used acrylic paint, all from the dollar store. 

After your letters are done, you can decorate the sign with whatever you want! I used some burlap, yarn, a Christmas ball,and a pinecone. I just used what I had lying around, so no extra cost for me!  That's the way this frugal wife likes it. ;)

And there you have it!  A very affordable piece of Christmas decor that all your friends and family will love!