How to Make a Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece

My friends would post pictures to Facebook of their beautiful box wood centerpieces.  I started shopping around for one of those wooden boxes and the prices were way out of my budget!  And then I realized I could make one.  Okay, okay....I realized MY HUSBAND could make one for me. He built it for me, and then I stained it. I absolutely love it.  No matter the time of year I can think of something to put in it to match the season or holiday.

Here is how I fill it during the Christmas season.

I use three white candles for it.  I then use some of the leftover pine branches my husband cuts off from our Christmas tree to make it fit in the stand.  Then I take a walk in the woods and pick up some pine cones.  And lastly, clementines make for the perfect finishing touch.

Of course, the clementines get eaten and replenished all throughout the holiday season. :)

You definitely have to be careful with these candles so close to the pine branches.  Never leave it to burn unattended!  For a safer alternative you can always get those flameless battery operated candles.  I wouldn't mind some of those, but have yet to fit them into my budget.

So there you have it.  If you are looking for a perfect centerpiece this Christmas, either build or find hopefully an affordable wooden box and fill it with treasures of the season!