7 Frugal Foods that AREN'T Beans

I'm all about frugal foods. And while I enjoy beans in chili, beyond that I don't eat them that often.  The truth is, while beans and rice for dinner every night is super cheap, it isn't the only thrifty option and trust me, you'd most likely tire of it quickly.  My children are pretty thankful that we don't eat beans every night!

Here are 10 food options to add into your dinner that are NOT beans.

1. Pasta - Make spaghetti, or a pasta casserole.

2.  Potatoes - Loaded potato soup is a favorite of mine.  You can also have a potato bar for dinner where everyone can put their own toppings on their baked potato.

3.  Oatmeal -  Yes, we've had oatmeal for dinner.  Add raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds, etc. for extra nutrition.

4.  Homemade Bread -  Obviously you are going to pair this with other food to make a complete meal, but a hearty and fresh homemade bread with potato or broccoli soup is a perfect meal on those rainy or snowy nights.

5.  Whole Chicken -  Yes, meat can be cheap if purchased correctly.  A whole chicken gives our family three meals.  Once you cook it take all the meat off the carcass and use it IN other dishes to make it stretch such as stirfries, stews, or casseroles.  And then make broth from the carcass in your crockpot.  Make meat a side, not the main star of the meal.

6.  Eggs - Quiche, omelets, egg salad sandwiches are all excellent choices.

7.  Rice (without beans!) - Top it with veggies and meat and soy sauce, like the meat from that whole chicken you just cooked. :)

These are foods my family regularly consumes and enjoys.  It keeps our grocery bill down and prevents us from living off of just beans.  This is a list of 7 alternatives to beans, but often just shopping the sales can give you a variety of food options to purchase at a low price.  While I don't expect I'll be finding lobster or T-bone steak at a ridiculously low price in the flyers, most other foods will go on sale at one time or another during the year. So watch those flyers before you plan your meals!