I know Nothing.

I am still here.  Or should I say, back.  I haven't blogged in so long, often because I didn't know what to write about.  I would try to think about something I had knowledge about, and somehow turn it into a post.  More often than not, it didn't turn out how I wanted.

Mainly because, truth be told, I know nothing.

It's really hard to write about things and sound like you know stuff when you don't.

So, I've decided to take a new direction with this blog.  We are in a new season of life.  We just purchased an old farm house on two beautiful acres, filled with trees, old leaning barns, and a couple of feral kitties.

No, that isn't the house.  That's just the barn.  We aren't even sure how sound that second half of the barn is.

But, seriously, we found these two kittens two weeks after we moved in.  Which has worked out well as we wanted some barn cats because we want to keep the mouse population down.

Aren't they ridiculously cute?  So cute you want to cuddle them, but they won't let me touch them. It's really just a big tease. I can get close enough to them that if they DID let me, I could reach them. But the minute I reach for them they take off and shoot me a look that says "not a chance, lady!" Their mom has finally come around too.  Which is pretty cool, you know, when she isn't hissing at me or growling.  I've learned to keep my distance.

So here we are, in our new OLD farmhouse, ready to jump into homesteading.  We have baby chicks coming in two weeks.  After that, who knows what animal is next.  Nigerian goats? a pig? Cow?  Pony?? (Sorry, dear daughter of mine, no pony in the cards for a few years at least, if at all.)

Bottom line, we know nothing still.  Even more so now that we are entering unknown territory.  I mean, I haven't even had a successful garden in my 33 years of living yet.  And here I am, purchasing this homestead, ready to jump into gardening next Spring. So, instead of blogging about what I DO know, or pretend to know, I'm here, ready to take you along with me on my homesteading journey, as I fumble, mess up, and make myself look like a fool while doing it.  I hope you will come along and join me in the laughter (even if it is at me), tears, blood and sweat as we step into this whole new world. Make sure to put on your flannel plaid shirt, (This IS Canada, after all) and fix yourself a cup of hot coffee while you follow us on our new adventure.